Palazzo Reale- Royal Palace


Facing the colossal Piazza Plebescito is the rectangular red Palazzo Reale, or Royal Palace, of Naples. This palace was just one of the four residences of the Bourbon Kings when they ruled during the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. Like other palaces and castles of Naples, the Palazzo Reale has undergone many operations that have resulted in its current aspect. Today the palace houses The National Library of Naples, the Museo del Palazzo Reale, and along with adjacent grounds, part of the San Carlo Theater.

From the palace’s courtyard a gigantic double staircase leads to the entrance of the royal apartments. Today these apartments house the Museo del Palazzo Reale. Inside the museum you will find an extensive collection of both neoclassical and baroque remains that evidence how royalty furnished their residences. Included are porcelain objects, tapestries, paintings and statues. As part of the royalty’s life of luxury a private theater was built on the premises, the Teatrino di Corte. In the Cappella Reale, or Royal Chapel, there is an enormous presepe, a traditional nativity scene. The national library contains more than 2000 papyruses uncovered at Herculaneum, and also pieces of a 5th century Coptic Bible. Don’t forget your ID or you’ll miss out.

Royal Palace: 081 40 05 47

Hours: Thu-Tue, 9am-7pm

Price: €4

Directions: Turn right out of hostel. Take a left on Via Depretis and walk towards the Castel Nuovo. Walk passed Piazza Municipio and passed the Castel Nuovo. Continue up Via San Carlo. You will walk directly into Piazza Trieste e Trento which is the side where you may enter the palace.