Travel Guide to Ravello


Ravello is indisputably the romantic capital of the Amalfi Coast. Inhabited by only 2,500 people, it sits pretty in the high hills above Amalfi. The town is tidy and geared towards tourists. In the past the town has hosted its share of bohemian characters, including Virginia Woolf, DH Lawrence and Wagner. Nowhere else on the Amalfi Coast can you beat the spectacular views, majestic gardens and relaxing atmosphere you find in Ravello.

Of the town’s main attractions is the Duomo, found on the eastern end of the Piazza del Duomo. It was built in 1086, and since then has had many makeovers. Take special note of the impressive pulpit. It is supported by a fusion of six twisted columns upon marble lions, topped off with decorations of peacock and dancing lion mosaics. To amplify perspective the floor is slanted towards the square. The downstairs area of the Duomo houses the cathedral museum which contains a fair amount of religious artifacts.

Another sight that should not be missed is the Villa Rufolo, located south of the cathedral. It is renowned for its illustrious 19th century gardens that lend spectacular views. The garden’s flowers are best described as exotic and colorful with splendid blooms. Upon seeing this impressive feat of nature Wagner decided that the gardens would be the setting for an act in his opera Parsifal.

If you would like to visit another villa, check out the 20th century Villa Cimbrone, east of Piazza del Duomo. There are more gardens and views, the best viewpoint being the Belvedere of Infinity.

Directions: From hostel go to the SITA bus station inside of Porta di Massa and buy a ticket to Amalfi. From Piazza Flavio Gioia in Amalfi another SITA bus departs every 30 minutes for Ravello. Cost is €1, ride is approximately 25 minutes.