About Us


Established in 1977, Luca is the soul of the Sun. He's been sweating at the desk since 2001, when air conditioning in hostels was unusual like a bidet in Europe.

Since he made the first check in, the hostel became his Life, the travellers his air. He can't stand seeing a lost tourist wherever he's in the world. He once missed a flight at Naples airport to help 2 Korean girls get theirs.

If you are late for the train he might be your last resource, riding you to the station by scooter. We hope for you you are not late as you definitely don't want to go on the scooter with him!

The only thing he does not like, it's you losing the room keys.
Please Note: he loses things.


The longest serving member of the reception staff, the furniture, the building, the name of the hostel may change; but Carla will still be at the desk checking 10 people in at a time. Always smiling and explaining something on the map, what she says is what she thinks so don't be surprised if she questions you about your private lives or gives you advice on your love life. Her comments might be the most honest ones you have ever received in your life. She will make you laugh guaranteed. You won't need an alarm clock to wake you up when Carla's around, she'll wake you up Neapolitan style (with her beautiful voice ;)).


The most calm and joyful one, Harriet loves being around the guests and everybody loves to be around her. No wonder, her good mood and laughter is contagious (and very loud).I guess that’s why she can’t seem to work in peace, always surrounded by a bunch of people. She may look like an innocent angel but don’t let those eyes fool you. She can be tough too! If Mc Gyver would have a daughter that would be her. You don't need to use google maps when she's around. She's like a living city map. Question her about the boats to the islands' schedules, you'll be amazed.


After almost ten years of travelling Europe managing hostels; from Naples to Prague and Prague to Barcelona, Valerio has finally come back to his beloved home city. Despite knowing each other for years, it was only when Luca took a flight to Barcelona that they met again and he convinced Valle to come back and make HOTS what it is today. Even if he spends his day off taking you on a walking tour himself, believe me he'll make you see Napoli from a local's eyes. The master at losing things (Luca says even worse than him..) he gets patted down for keys before he's allowed to leave!


The newest member to the Hostel of the Sun team, Barbara has fitted in like a dream. After visiting Naples for a weekend she fell in love and decided to try her luck at living and working here. The most patient of all of the staff, Barbara is never flapped. Even at four in the morning she'll answer your questions with a smile and a joke. She's studying to be a furniture restorer and her unique style follows her in every way; from her clothes to her crazy 70s curls.


Among her friends she's called "the president" for the fact that she's the manager of Stella rossa football team. She's the most centered, accurate and balanced worker in HOTS. Our resident chef, the food she cooks is traditional and finger lickin' good. Here with us only since September it seems she's born to be behind the desk. She's only quiet and still when on the beach, where she can reach a temperature of 212°f and the color of midnight black.


Half Neapolitan, half American. A dangerous mix. Arrived in town for the first time 2 years ago, he decided to come here and get his Italian citizenship. As it turns out Italy doesn't really agree with this....yet. So in protest, he chose to learn to speak Neapolitan rather than Italian. He'll take you around holding your hand in Naples, no matter if you're a guy or a girl, he'll try to kiss you. So beware! If you meet him at the bar, don't expect the most acrobatic bartender you've ever seen, but he'll make you smile for sure!


Born as Berrak in Istanbul, she is now Berry Mola, married to a crazy Neapolitan dude! She is the sweetest one among the staff, with her patience and calm voice, whatever happens she'll always tell you no problem!!! But behave yourself otherwise or you might just see her strong side!! She's got the beast handwriting in the world, you'll understand everything on her map....Well travelled herself, she always make sure to bring some nice souvenirs from her trips. She starts a diet every Monday and finishes with a pizza every Tuesday!