Nightlife in Naples

Whether you hang with the reggae crowd, dance with the traditional folk dancers, or just simply prefer getting as sloshed as possible, Naples has the scene for you! Although Naples nightlife is best experienced outdoors, depending on what tickles your fancy (and how the weather acts), you may also enjoy some indoor activities…

Here we have compiled a list of places for drinking, dancing and live music that might interest you. Most of them are within a short walking distance from the hostel, that way you can stumble back at whatever hour you prefer, without worrying about public transport or paying for a taxi. Check out each business’ website for the specifics of what event is offered each night. Also, come to us at the reception so we can help you navigate the way on your map.


If you like drinks and socializing:

Piazza “Kestè”
This is one of the most frequented piazzas by Neapolitan youngsters and is located right in front of the Istituto Orientale. A cheap large Peroni for €1.50 is ideal for backpackers on a budget. Find beer in the small corner-shop of the piazza by the stairs. The piazza is also bordered by a couple other small bars where you can get cocktails, such as a delicious mojito from bar Keste, and even a small slice of pizza.

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore
This piazza is in the heart of the historic center, just going up Via Mezzocannone. You can buy cheap beer in the corner shop at the bottom of the piazza and take a seat to observe or socialize with Neapolitan youth. Quite often there will be entertainment as well. On the warmer nights dancers of traditional Southern Italian dance perform to music in the center of the piazza.

Perdi Tempo
If you like to mix your drinking with books and intellectual conversation this is your scene. This hip bar tends to serve their cocktails strong and the wine selection also pretty good, although prices are a bit higher than what you would find in the piazzas. Some nights you will also get free munchies like cheese and salami! Mmmm…
Via San Pietro a Maiella, 8
081 444958

Volver is definitely a hub for fun activities and entertainment. There is a large seating area where you can order a panino or other smaller appetizers. The beer, wine and cocktail menu is enormous, and the prices are decent. Tuesday night is trivia night. After a couple drinks you won’t worry about the fact that you don’t speak Italian. Thursday nights downstairs there is a music competition, and Friday nights there is a theatre contest. Both start at 22:30. Also, on varied nights during the week there are live international bands of diverse genres. The best part of Volver might be the wide variety of board games they supply. Go with a group, grab a board game and a table, and have fun.
Via V. Bellini, 56
081 0606630

Piazza Bellini
This is a great piazza for cafes and bars with outdoor seating. There are 2 places in particular worth checking out. Intra Moenia is serves a wide range of cocktails and wine, with both seating inside or outside among the many plants. If you do an inside tour you will be surrounded by an impressive collection of art. The other popular hangout next door is Caffe Arabo, also with indoor and outdoor seating. This Arab themed restaurant/bar is the place to go to experience Arab cuisine or to smoke tabacco alla frutta with Narghilè while sitting on Persian cushions and rugs.
Intra Moenia 39 081 290988

BereVino WineBar
Music, art and wine all come together in this beautifully decorated, slightly sophisticated wine bar. Found on the “street of musicians” in the historic center, it is only a 15 minute walk from the hostel. Wednesday from 19:00-24:00 is “MERCOLEDIDIVINO”, which means appetizers starting with antipasti and ending with desert! There is also a DJ, video art projection, photo exhibitions and more. This bar offers some fancy bottles so prices are average to high. Ideal for singles who want to sit at the bar and also for groups who prefer a table.
Via San Sebastiano, 62
081 0605688


If you like to dance the night away:

If you need a reggae fix you can satisfy it at Kinky Klub, in the historic center, whose anthem is to spread the reggae vibe throughout the world. The spot is right behind the Modernissimo cinema, near Piazza Dante.

The only catch is that it is a “private” club which means that you are obligated to purchase a members card, the cost of which is 10 Euros. Don’t forget to bring a valid ID (like a copy of your passport). Check out their website to see what the live music/DJ schedule looks like.
Vico della Quercia,26
33 55477299

If your goal is to stay close to the hostel Rise is the place to go for music, drinks and dance. Tuesdays are the official Erasmus Party night. There is a DJ so you can dance the night away with university foreign exchange students and locals alike. Friday night is house music night, while Sundays there is live hip-hop/reggaeton group RealSoundProject at 23:30.
Via Umberto Giordano, 10
081 6584538‎
Facebook page: RISE… Music&drinkfusion


3461978268_5c291e60c4_b.jpgIf you like live music and more:

This club is not only for music lovers but also for the artsy poetic type. It is in the university zone and features live emerging musical groups, both Napoletano and international. Apart from music they hold poetry readings, and there are always rotating art exhibits (painting and sculpture). After all, why wouldn’t you want to check out a place whose name means “fat woman” in Thai?

Via Sedile di porto, 46

If you like live bossanova, blues, folk and rock, this small and hidden city jewel is for you. This club is small, intimate and literally underground. The crowd is maybe a bit older then the students you would find in the piazzas. But who can complain if they offer 18 types of rum and an excellent beer selection on tap. Live music is on Friday and Saturday. You will definitely want to google map the location.
Vico Pallonetto a Santa Chiara, 15/C

Bluestone is slightly more fancy than the other clubs mentioned. The bar is opened Sunday-Thursday from 18:30 to 2:00, and 18:30 to 3:00 Friday and Saturday. Happy Hour is from 18:30 to 21:30 and there is a buffet included with small appetizers. Rotating days of the week there is life music with free entry, except on Tuesdays.
Via Alabardieri, 10
081 4238455

So what are you waiting for? With so many choices why are you still sitting on your bum!!!???