Travel Guide to Sorrento


Population: 16,500

Sorrento is a cliff-side town that overlooks the Bay of Naples. The town is famous for its steep slopes, beautiful views of Naples and Vesuvius and most of all Limoncello.

How to get there:

From Naples tae the ‘Circumsuviana’ train from the central station to Sorrento. The train takes about an hour and costs 3.60 euros. From the train station it’s about a 300 m walk into town. It’s also possible to get the ferry to and from Naples. There are about 6 per day and will cost you around 15 euros for a round trip. Ferries dock into Marina Piccola, and 200-step climb up from there to the Piazza Tasso, the centre of town.

Top things to do in Sorrento:

1.‘The Amalfi Drive’ so called for obvious reasons, this road originally built by the Romans goes between Sorrento and Amalfi. At some points carved out of the cliff face, this drive is one of the most popular attractions in the area.

2.A trip to the cathedral on Corso Italia: it’s more impressive inside than out.

3.Take a look at the views of the coast from ‘Villa Communale Park’.

4. If you’re planning a trip around Easter, read up on the famous processions that take place through the town on Good Friday. The first one begins very early Good Friday morning, with participants clad in white hooded robes, with the Madonna carried aloft ‘in search of her son’. The second procession begins later in the evening, with participants now wearing black robes, in mourning for the death of Christ. These processions attract hundreds of participants.

5.Make you try a good sample of the famous liquor Limoncello, originating from this region.