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Quick list of what is going on in Naples for more info you can contact us info@hostelnapoli.com or ask at reception on check in 


Chick Corea in Concert in Naples' Teatro Bellini

The long awaited return of Chick Corea to his roots in Southern Italy. Don't miss Chick Corea in concert at the Teatro Bellini!

8 May 2014

SSC Naples Vs Swansea A.F.C -Europa League-

After the elimination from the "Champions league" the team trained by ex former Liverpool coach Rafa Benitez, is going to face one of the revelation of the last premier league.

20:45 27th Feb.

Manu Chao live in Naples

Dance the night away and celebrate personal freedoms and brotherly love. Naples’ five-thousand year history of immigration and cultural exchange will no doubt make this a particularly poignant performance by Manu Chao. Tickets are just €17.25, and while you may be able to catch his concert elsewhere, this one promises to be a truly unique and cathartic experience!