San Severo Chapel - Cristo Velato



In The Heart Of Naples Centro storico , you will find one of the most amazing chapel in Italy , built in 1590 by prince Francesco de Sangro in the garden of his palace to workship our Lady of Mercy.

In 1742 prince Raimondo de Sangro prince of Sansevero gave the chapel the form we see today the structure , a rectangular nave , shows very valuble sculture inside , such as Deposizione by FRancesco Celebrano - Pudicizia by Antonio Corradini ,but the reason why this chapel is been nominated by Tripadvaisor top museum in italy

is the magnificent sculpture call the "Cristo Velato " the vailed Christ- by Sammartino placed in the centerof the chapel .Raimondo de Sangro lieteraly man and art lover , was expecilally known as an alchimist as well . In side the chapel you will be able to see his experimantation in body anatomy , two standing corpes where you can perfectly see their circulatory system .

Opening time of the Cappella San Severo

every day 10 a.m till 5.40 pm

closed on Tuesday