Vesuvius on Horseback


Why not see the volcano from a different point of view?  Instead of taking the bus with all the other tourists, Hostel of the Sun is now offering trips up the mountain by horseback!  Trips leave the hostel at 9am when you will be taken by coach to the bottom of the menagerie at the bottom of the mountain.  From here a guide will give you a full safety explanation (for those of you who need it), and will also accompany the group on the whole ride up and down the mountain.

You won’t be going along the roadway but up through the forests of the Vesuvius National Park, stopping half way to take in the breathtaking view over the Bay of Naples and  eventually coming out by the crater on the top of the volcano.  You’ll then ride down again to where the coach will be waiting to take you either over to Ercolano where you can take the train to go to Pompeii to see the ruins or back to the hostel, whichever the group prefers.

Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden before you won’t be the only one and the course is designed for beginners!

Duration:  3 or 4 hours, it really depends on the group!

Cost:  50 euros per person (remember this also includes the transfer from the hostel then from the volcano to Ercolano train station or back to the hostel)

Minimum 4 people, afternoon excursions starting at 14pm can also be organized, let us know one day before so we can book the tour for you.